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Residential Care

  • Residential care is provided for people who can no longer live at home, even with the support from home care services.
  • There is a variety of reasons for needing this type of support. It can help you to continue to live safely, whilst giving family members the peace of mind that you are in a supportive environment.
  • Our care homes provide a warm, friendly and safe environment with support of all daily tasks such as cooking and laundry. St Anthony’s has a welcoming atmosphere where residents can take part in a whole range of activities, enjoy good meals and make new friends

Dementia Care

  • Our staff are all trained to understand the difficulties people with dementia may experience and will support you in a safe environment that promotes your well-being.
  • We strongly believe that people living with dementia can still lead an active life and it is so important to encourage all our residents with dementia to partake in our Activity Programme. Research suggests that by keeping the minds and bodies of residents with dementia as active as possible the advancement of dementia can be delayed.
  • Our care team are all trained to deliver support that is individual to the needs of each person. Our Activity Programme is designed to encourage reminiscence and structured to include all residents with dementia. We strongly believe with the right encouragement you can learn a new skill at any age!

Palliative Care

  • Caring for someone during the final days of their life requires specialist skills and understanding. We are committed to making sure that our end of life care respects and upholds a person’s dignity and we are here to support you throughout this extremely difficult time.
  • We offer assistance with any arrangements that may need to be made to help our residents and their families feel as comfortable as possible. This may include providing information about the physical signs and changes a person may experience during the final stages of life and advise relatives how to best support their family member. We work very closely with residents and their families to provide the right practical support throughout. Above all our staff team have been trained to be sensitive and understanding to the needs of the resident and their family at all times.

Respite Care

  • Short stay breaks and respite care is available to allow families or carers to have a rest from taking care of a loved one.
  • This can be a good option to recover after a hospital stay or to experience what life is like in a care home environment. It gives people the opportunity to get involved with activities, spend time with friendly staff and have a change of scene.
  • Short breaks are offered subject to availability.

Health Care

  • Residents normally use our General Practitioner. Residents are referred to Hospital Consultants as required. Whilst our care homes are not specifically registered as nursing homes, it is our policy that residents stay with us as long as they wish, even if their health declines.
  • We provide a chiropody service that comes every six weeks (additional charge). Domiciliary Optician visits can also be arranged.